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Areas of Practice

  • Giblin, Combs, Schwartz & Cunningham LLC attorneys have decades of experience handling litigation matters that involve property damage, premises liability claims and serious personal injuries. We have also successfully represented clients in administrative proceedings. We have significant statewide experience representing various clients.

    Our experience allows us to identify effective legal strategies designed to obtain early, favorable, and cost-effective results for our clients. When litigation is unavoidable, our attorneys draw on their vast experience gained through numerous adversarial proceedings. While we keep an eye open for reasonable settlement opportunities, if litigation is the client’s best alternative, we employ an aggressive, strategic approach to achieve the best possible results.

    Our Attorneys have handled thousands of general liability cases, representing a wide range of clients and industries including:
    • Hospitals
    • Doctors’ offices
    • Public entities
    • Individual business Owners
    • Office buildings

  • Giblin, Combs, Schwartz & Cunningham has extensive experience in the area of healthcare litigation. Our attorneys have brought thousands of litigation matters to a successful conclusion. Our vast experience permits us to provide informed guidance both prior and subsequent to the initiation of litigation.

    Unlike many litigation firms, Giblin, Combs, Schwartz & Cunningham has extensive experience in taking cases to trial. Our track record at trial is second to none. Our trial experience permits us to provide our clients with sound advice regarding which cases should be tried and which cases should be resolved by settlement prior to trial. It also permits us to provide clients with current information regarding jury verdict potential and fair settlement values.



    Our attorneys have experience both on the trial and appellate level in the federal and state courts located throughout New Jersey and New York. Many of our attorneys have been certified as Civil Trial Attorneys by the New Jersey Supreme Court, an honor held by only about 2% of the attorneys in New Jersey.

    Giblin, Combs, Schwartz & Cunningham recognizes the need for cost effective handling of files. Our efficient approach to litigation permits us to maintain billing rates which are highly competitive with other quality firms without ever sacrificing high level representation.

    Our firm emphasizes communication with clients, keeping them current regarding the progress of cases. We recognize that good communication is essential to permit clients to effectively participate in the successful resolution of litigated matters. Our extensive trial experience permits us to quickly identify and communicate to our clients potential strengths and weaknesses in order to permit early informed decisions regarding cases. We recognize that effective communication with clients leads to efficient and favorable disposition of cases.

    We would welcome the opportunity to personally discuss our litigation services with you to determine how we can assist your organization.

    Recent Cases Handled by Giblin, Combs, Schwartz & Cunningham

    • Delay in Diagnosis of Various Forms of Cancer
    • Wrongful Birth
    • Wrongful Death
    • Children born with birth defects
    • Improper Delivery Resulting in Cerebral Palsy
    • Brachial Plexus/Erb’s Palsy Injuries
    • Spinal Surgery Resulting in Paraplegia
  • Giblin, Combs, Schwartz & Cunningham represents individuals who have been injured in a variety of ways, from falling down to being involved in an automobile accident, from being the victim of prejudice to being the victim of poor medical care. Giblin, Combs, Schwartz & Cunningham has many years of experience in representing people who have but one thing in common: they have been hurt by others whom they feel should be held responsible. Most of the cases involving accidents and injuries are handled by the firm on a “contingent fee” basis, which means that we do not earn a fee unless we are successful in winning a judgment, verdict, or settlement for our clients.

    If you feel that you have been hurt by someone else, whether by their carelessness or on purpose, we would like to speak with you.

  • A major goal of Giblin, Combs, Schwartz & Cunningham is to improve the quality of healthcare professionals’ lives by guiding them through the maze of healthcare regulatory issues and the hazards of malpractice litigation, while helping them to improve the efficiency and profitability of their professional corporations. Giblin, Combs, Schwartz & Cunningham, founded in 1981, is one of the very few law firms in the State in which each and every attorney has at least some degree of background in healthcare law and many specialize in it. This enables us to draw from a pool of knowledge and experience equal to, or greater than, most large firms, while avoiding the overhead and excessive fees often associated with such firms.

    At Giblin, Combs, Schwartz & Cunningham we represent clients of varying sizes and needs, but our commitment to personal attention is how we define our firm. We emphasize communication with clients, keeping them informed of recent changes in the law through regular articles distributed to all of our clients at no charge. We also recognize how important it is to answer our clients’ questions or concerns in a timely fashion.

    Giblin, Combs, Schwartz & Cunningham has for many years been a leader in providing the healthcare profession with the highest quality legal services. Giblin, Combs, Schwartz & Cunningham is proud to offer comprehensive counseling and representation in all areas of healthcare law. Our firm possesses intimate knowledge of the particular legal needs and concerns of the healthcare profession.

    Legal challenges to healthcare providers requires highly specialized legal services which are not readily found in many general practice law firms. The law firm of Giblin, Combs, Schwartz & Cunningham is uniquely qualified to handle today’s complex health law issues.

  • Giblin, Combs, Schwartz & Cunningham has extensive experience in handling cases involving manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices as well as diagnostic laboratories. Specifically, Giblin, Combs, Schwartz & Cunningham utilizes over 100 years of combined complex action litigation experience to vigorously and efficiently handle matters involving major pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic laboratories, and medical device manufacturers. Some representative cases include the defense of alleged adverse effects, failure to warn, defective design, defective manufacturing, premature failure of prosthetic implants, defective dialysis products, and results of laboratory testing.
  • If a person is fired or refused employment due to his or her race, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, deformity, disability, or other prejudice, that person can successfully sue the employer. In addition, if a person is treated unfairly in their employment, whether being denied a promotion, a raise, benefits, or being physically or emotionally abused because of who they are, they can also successfully sue their employer. We have successfully handled cases in these areas. In some, instances we have helped the injured employee; in others, we have defended organizations which were victimized by frivolous lawsuits.


    We have recently seen the enactment of new laws that protect people from being mistreated due to disabilities. If an employer denies a person a job or prevents a person from advancing in a job because that person has a disability, the employee can sue the employer. We recently were involved in a case where a young person was initially offered employment after a telephone interview and then denied employment when, at the initial face-to-face interview, the employer discovered that the person was in a wheelchair.

    The area of sexual discrimination, both in the workplace and out, has seen significant growth over the last decade. We have represented parties in many cases of sexual discrimination and abuse, which have been successfully resolved.

    With the mergers between large corporations comes the merger of a variety of different employment benefit plans, often with conflicting terms. Some corporations have “raided” employee benefit plans that were “over-funded” in an attempt to raise needed cash. Such actions generally work against employees. Our firm has successfully handled such cases on behalf of employees.